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Testimonials: Testimonials

I engaged Christine to help me polish my own interview skills.  It paid off!  She gave me great pointers on how to leverage my prior experience during the interview process and how to turn negatives into positives.  She was also quick to point out the moments I “lit-up” when I was speaking about my passions.  It didn’t take long after the session for me to interview well and gain my next general manager position at a boutique hotel.  A year later, I leveraged that prior hotel opening experience during in-person and phone interviews and was hired by a great hotel management company to open a big beautiful hotel. I highly recommend Christine as an excellent interview coach.

M. Childs, General Manager

When I first started working with Christine I was amazed by her confidence, resourcefulness and empathy in listening and understanding me. During the interview coaching sessions she was detail oriented and dedicated herself in shaping my personal branding objectives. Her heart is big, her attitude is warm and friendly, and her knowledge is extensive. In a nutshell she is an excellent career  and job interview coach.

F. Gokce, Digital Marketing Expert

As a person who has had access to many teachers, advisors and mentors over the years, I am eager to write this recommendation for Christine because her wise counsel has contributed more to my career transition than any other resource I've had to date. Christine is gentle yet firm, wise but humble and motivated but not pushy. Her coaching on my interview skills have helped me gain a competitive edge. Christine was able to simulate a formal environment and create professional scenarios for me to practice and gain the confidence that I needed. Afterwards, in our debrief, she was able to transition back to being my advocate and I felt her support and encouragement stronger than ever. To this end, I highly recommend investing in time with Christine.

C.Fraenzl, Non-Profit Program Director

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